We are uniting against bad actors and large institutions, in support of the victims affected by the Terra Luna crash. We are coming from all places and all backgrounds in support of those who lost everything. We know: This is not “just” an attack against the Terra Luna victims, but against all of us “regular guys”. This is a war against the selfish fat-cats who recklessly lied and deceived millions of people out of their life savings.

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What happened?

On May 5th, the cryptocurrency Luna had a “black swan” event and lost 99.99% of it’s value in less than a week. Hundreds of thousands of people were impacted and billions were lost and lives were ruined.

Once used as a collateral token to keep the peg of it’s stablecoin partner “UST”. Luna got caught in the rubble of the failed stablecoin. The coins’ founder (Do Kwon) attempted to mint trillions of Luna in an attempt to re-stabilize UST — failing and taking Luna down wit the ship

The recovery

In 2008 when Bernie Madoff’s scheme unfolded and investors were left penniless, the story did not end there. A judge appointed an attorney to claw back as much relief for the victims as possible.

Attorney Irving Picard had his work cut out for him when a judge appointed him to oversee the Madoff victim relief fund, but he was determined and motivated to get at least some of the money back. To this day, Mr. Picard has returned over 15 billion to the victims — all hope was not lost! Luna (now called Luna Classic) has a roadmap to providing some relief for it’s victims.

But a hero is needed…. 

The Community

The crypto community, most of whom were not even affected by the crash, decided they wouldn’t just stand around and watch.

Led by some smart folks at twitter.com/terrarebels a plan has been initiated with a realistic end goal of seeing the price restored in some capacity to provide partial relief to the pre-crash investors. All of the pre-crash investors have a different entry price, but even a recovery of 10% of the price of Luna Classic can go a long way to helping these folks out with bills and most of all their mental health.

The Plan

Terra Rebels have rallied the validators (the democracy that can make changes to the coding), to implement a 1.2% burn tax on all on-chain transaction. This will attempt to offset the damage done by the Luna founders when they minted trillions of coins, by “burning” 1.2% of the coins involved in every transaction. Slowly over time this can reduce the supply and level the playing field.

Additionally, talented developers are devoting their time and efforts to creating decentralized applications on the Luna Classic network, further legitimizing the coin left for dead.

But they need your help!

Get Involved

While the above mentioned plan is a great start, we cannot do this without your support. We would never ask you to open your wallet, but there are some free things you can do that will go a long way to helping this cause.

The name of the game is exposure

1) The 1.2% burn will only be impactful if we get the large exchanges and brokers to implement it on their platform. We need as many Tweets as we can imploring them to support these victims.

2) You can help shed light on this cause by utilizing our free “I Support Luna Classic” avatar wraps on popular social media sites like Twitter

3) Every Tweet matters, you can help the #Lunc hashtag stay on top of the trending list with one simple click.

4) After the crash, various exchanges/brokers prematurely declared Luna Classic dead and delisted the token. Email, or use the chatbox on your preferred exchange and demand Luna Classic be restored — it costs them nothing to lend a hand!

5)Transact your Luna classic, if you have some Luna Classic, or plan on getting some you can contribute to the 1.2% burn tax by transacting your Luna. You could send $5 worth to a friend or family member to spark their interest in crypto while supporting a good cause. Every transaction helps!


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