How To Buy Luna Classic

If you already have cryptocurrency to work with:

If you already have one of the main cryptocurrencies to trade with, we recommend using KuCoin as they don’t require KYC up to one BTC worth of withdrawals. KuCoin has also stuck with Luna Classic the entire time neve delisted the coin.

Step 1: Create an account on KuCoin by clicking here

Step 2: Click the wallet icon on the top right navigation bar. Once the page loads, select the “Deposit” button and then choose “Deposit Crypto”

Step 3: We will assume you are depositing Ethereum (but you can replace Ethereum with most major cryptos). Select Ethereum from the dropdown list of assets you can desposit

Step 4: Select the Ethereum network and a wallet address will populate – this is your address to deposit into. We recommend using the QR code generator button to ensure you copy the address exactly

Step 5: With the address now copied, head over to whichever wallet or exchange you are transferring the Ethereum from and paste in the wallet address as your destination.

Step 6: Once the Ethereum arrives, we now need to move it over from our main wallet, to our “Trading Wallet”.

-Click the wallet icon again and you will see multiple boxes representing your wallets, inside the “Trading Account” box, is a button for transfer
– Once you click transfer you will see a drop down for “coin”, select Ethereum and the amount you want to move (presumably all of it), then select “confirm”

Step 7: Now that your Ethereum is in the trading wallet, you will need to convert it to USDT first as LUNC/USDT is the recommended trading pair on KuCoin

– On the top navigation bar you will see a drop down titled “Trade”, hover over this and select “Spot Trading”

Step 8: Now that you are in the spot trading section of KuCoin, there is a pair selector drop down at the top left of your screen (right next to the KuCoin Logo)
-Click the drop down and you will be presented with a search box
-Type in LUNC and you will see a trading pair called ETH/USDT – click that

Step 9: Transfer Ethereum to USDT
– At the bottom right side of your screen there are two boxes (one to Buy Eth and one to Sell Eth). 
-We are going to use the right-most box and sell our Eth for USDT (remember we need USDT to buy Lunc).
– You will need to select a price and an amount of Eth to sell.
-For the purpose of this guide we will assume you are looking to move all your Eth into USDT at the current price
– Key in the current price in the “price box” and then click the 100% button to commit 100% of your Eth to be sold
-Click the “Sell Eth” button to initiate the trade.

Step 9: Now that you have the USDT pair, we are going to repeat this process, only with a different pair and by selecting Buy instead of sell

-Click the pair selector button again (top left of screen, near the KuCoin logo)
-In the search box type in “Lunc” and you will see the pair LUNC/USDT – select this

Step 10: On the bottom right of your screen, we return to the two boxes. This time using the left box that says “Buy Lunc”
– Select the price you wish to enter into Lunc at, then the amount of USDT you wish to commit to the trade (we will assume 100%).
-Then click the “Buy Lunc” button

If you chose the market price, the order will execute immediately. However if you are hoping to score a lower price, you will have to wait until your order gets filled (if at all).

Once the order executes you now are the proud owner of Luna Classic!